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Angel Bulk SMS is solely owned and operated by Xcel Cyber Technologies, an innovative Technology Company in Nigeria, also an Application and Infrastructure Service Provider. We provide reliable Bulk SMS Service and Shortcode Services in Nigeria. We ensure total transparency and profitability for our Resellers, Referrals and Customers at large. Our services also include SMS Solutions, Email Marketing Services, Premium Caller Ring Back Tunes, USSD Solutions, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Robocall.

Angel Bulk SMS is a leading provider of cheap bulk sms in Nigeria. We provide affordable Bulk SMS, Shortcode, SMS Solutions, Email Marketing and other Web Services to schools, retail outlets, churches, mosques, associations, marketers, entrepreneurs; as well as government and other private organizations. We deliver reliable bulk sms service you can trust 24/7.

Our Bulk SMS Portal is free and easy to use with unlimited data storage for your messages and phone contacts. Our Portal is of international standard with 100% delivery rate to all GSM and CDMA networks including Do Not Disturb (DND) Numbers. Our sms charges are very affordable and our portal delivers instant and scheduled messages successfully to MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE, GLO and CDMAs networks in Nigeria.

We operate two billing system to deliver efficient and affordable bulk sms service to our local and international customers. The first is the Flat Rate Billing System, which is available for Nigeria only, whereby 160-character text message sent to any GSM or CDMA network in Nigeria is billed at 1 sms unit only. The second is the Regular Rate Billing System, which is available for all supported countries in the world including Nigeria but the cost varies from country to country, and sometimes from network to network. Details of our Regular Rate for different countries/networks can be found in our coverage page.

Our Portal is characterised with effective Tracking and Control, Real Statistics, Delivery Reports, SMPP, Incoming & Outgoing Responses, including XLS and CSV Reporting. And if you own a business, our SMS Plans are available for you to enjoy special discounts and additional services for free. You could also create additional income for yourself by becoming a Bulk SMS Reseller or Bulk SMS Referral. Confirm the efficiency of our bulk sms service by entering your Nigerian Phone Number and message in the "Test Our Global Service" section. For further enquiries, whatsapp 08160266850 or fill our Contact Form.

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