Agent Reseller Package


Bulk SMS Business could go a long way in easing the current recession for you and that is why this low-fee Plan has been made available for those who cannot afford to invest much to become a full Bulk SMS Reseller.

As an Agent, you would be entitled to 100 units of sms credit straightaway and you would be technically viewed as a Reseller on our Platform. The only difference is, unlike other Resellers, Agents do not own a Bulk SMS Portal of their own but relies on the brand and sub-portal of Angel Bulk SMS to attend to their numerous customers.

You would also have to buy sms credits like other Resellers at a lower rate so that you can also make profit when you bill your customers at a higher rate. Once a customer pays you, you would be required to notify us immediately through the dashboard that would be provided for you so that we can credit your customer's account in your name.

Other administration we would render on your behalf for free are listed under the General Features. You could also send messages on behalf of your customers if such arrangement exist between both of you. Below are the features you stand to enjoy as a Bulk SMS Agent:


General Features:

  • Add New User (Admin Entries)
  • Approve Payments(Users' SMS-Units Order)
  • Credit Users (including Email and SMS Alert)
  • Debit Users (including Email and SMS Alert)
  • Notify Users (through Website Banner, Email and/or SMS)
  • Manage Users (Login, Edit, Search, Suspend, Delete, etc.)
  • Manage Vouchers (Create, View Search, Suspend and Delete)

Package Features:

  • Development Duration: 1 Business Day
  • Regular Buying Rate: 85kobo per SMS Unit
  • Bundled SMS Units: 100
  • Domain Registration: Unavailable
  • Web Hosting: Unavailable
  • Responsive Web Design: Unavailable
  • 24/7 Reseller Support: Unavailable
  • Recharge Vouchers: Unavailable
  • Reseller API: Unavailable
  • Mobile Application: Unavailable
  • Desktop Application: Unavailable
  • Online Payment System: Unavailable
  • Automated Service Delivery: Unavailable
  • Unlimited Resellers: Unavailable
  • Payment By Instalment: Unavailable

Package Fee:

₦5,000 Only

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Payment Details

Please attend to the following:
1. Fill the Bank Teller with your Username as the Depositor.
2. Remember to submit payment details »
3. Contact Us if you want to pay in US Dollars.

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