Professional Reseller Package


Are you Business-Oriented and has a vision to prosper in Bulk SMS Business? Then we highly recommend Professional Reseller Package for you. We guarantee you that this Reseller Package would maximize your profit exceedingly as you would be able to buy sms units at the cheapest rate available to our Bulk SMS Resellers.

Moreover, online marketing such as Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission would be carefully carried out on your Bulk SMS Website, for the influx of quality traffic (prospective customers) that would continually patronize your bulk sms business.

In addition, your desktop and mobile apps will not be the general type deployed to other Resellers. Yours would be fully customized with your brand, making your business operation entirely distinct. These are the unique features you stand to enjoy in addition to the entire features available in Executive Reseller Package.

Finally, we accept payments in two installments for Professional Reseller Package in case you are unable to pay at once. But it is important you contact us before making the first instalment. Below are the detailed features you will enjoy as a Professional Reseller.


General Features:

  • Add New User (Admin Entries)
  • Approve Payments(Users' SMS-Units Order)
  • Credit Users (including Email and SMS Alert)
  • Debit Users (including Email and SMS Alert)
  • Notify Users (through Website Banner, Email and/or SMS)
  • Manage Users (Login, Edit, Search, Suspend, Delete, etc.)
  • Manage Vouchers (Create, View Search, Suspend, etc.)
  • Reseller Settings (SMS & Email Notifications, System Messages, Default Settings, etc.)

Package Features:

  • Development Duration: 5 Business Days
  • Regular Buying Rate: 73 Kobo per SMS Unit
  • Bundled SMS Units: 10,000
  • Domain Registration: Available
  • Web Hosting: Available
  • Responsive Bulk SMS Website: Available
  • 24/7 Reseller Support: Available
  • Recharge Vouchers: Available
  • SMS Gateway API: Available
  • Mobile Application: Available (Branded App)
  • Desktop Application: Available (Branded App)
  • Online Payment System: Available
  • Automated Service Delivery: Available
  • Unlimited Resellers: Available
  • Search Engine Optimization: Available
  • Search Engine Submission: Available
  • Payment By Instalment: Available (2 Instalments)

Package Fee:

₦40,000 Only

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Payment Details

Please attend to the following:
1. Fill the Bank Teller with your Username as the Depositor.
2. Remember to submit payment details »
3. Contact Us if you want to pay in US Dollars.

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